Beach Sunbathing Tan through One Piece Breathable Swimsuit

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Qikini fabric is a scientifically designed tan-through swimwear that maintains stretchiness, softness, and flattery. It effectively blocks most UV-B rays, while permitting Tanning UV-A Rays for an all over sun tan. Our patented swimwear technology minimizes tan lines.

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This beach sunbathing tan through one piece breathable swimsuit is perfect for summer beach days. Women will love how it provides optimal tanning while still keeping you cool and comfortable. In sleek black, this breathable swimwear will become a staple in your beach wardrobe. 

Item: Bikinis Set, Swimsuit

Gender: Women

Material: 85% Polyester + 15% Elastane

Type: One Piece

Color: Black

Top Style: Tank

Style: Beach Style

Season: Summer

Women's Slim Fitting Non Transparent And Hollow Transparent Sunbathing Beach Bathing Non Sunmark Breathable Strap Bikini One Swimsuit

Experience the ultimate tanning effect with our Two Toned One Piece. This exclusive design is crafted to provide maximum coverage for the abdomen and back while featuring sheer midsections that allow for a sun-kissed glow.

Achieve a flattering fit with our One Piece Breathable Swimsuit, featuring light core compression, medium back coverage, low squared back, and fully adjustable straps. For a less sheer effect, we recommend sizing up.

Designed with light core compression for a flattering fit, our swimsuit offers medium coverage in the back and a low squared back design. Easily adjust the straps for a customizable fit. For a less sheer effect, consider sizing up.

This One Piece Swimsuit is specially designed to provide a superior tanning experience by targeting the abdominal and back areas, thanks to its sheer midsections.

Styling tip: Can also be worn as a bodysuit with jeans or pants.

Suitable for various scenarios.

The One Piece Breathable Swimsuit offers additional coverage options with its double-lined upper chest area.


Customer Reviews

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Ljudmilla Gross
not satisfied

the wrong model was sent

Ryan Moody

I am disappointed. I paid for fast shipping which they missed. I asked to be refunded for that which they did. It took longer than their standard shipping. Then when I received the items, they were completely see through. You can see detail of nips. Not comfortable with that. I requested to do a return immediately and I haven’t heard back to do that.

Ella Heddleson

I love this one-piece swimsuit! Color is stylish, design is excellent, it looks and feels exceptionally comfortable, and doesn't strangle the flesh at all. Swimming and sunshine on the beach are great ways to enjoy life! It's perfect for showing off your sexiness!

Aurora W.

It is more comfortable than my normal swimwear. It's nearly impossible to see through most of the time, unless you have a really poor angle

Aurora W.

This perfect swimsuit for anyone who loves the sun but hates tan lines. White streaks are eliminated by the seamless design, leaving your skin looking flawless. Additionally, the material dries quickly and is UV-resistant, protecting your skin from harmful rays.

the beach calling Beach

Tan Through Fabric

Qikini fabric is a high end tan-through bikini that was scientifically developed to still be soft, stretchy and flattering. It filters out the majority of UV-B rays while letting in Tanning UV-A Rays. Our patented Tan Through swimwear technology helps you achieve an all over sun tan and minimise tan lines.

Qikini fabric is a scientifically designed tan-through bikini that maintains softness, stretchiness, and flattery. It effectively blocks most UV-B rays, while permitting Tanning UV-A Rays for an all over sun tan. Our patented swimwear technology minimizes tan lines.

Tan Through Swimwear Features

1. Innovative Tie-Up Design

The top and bottom pieces feature unique tie-up straps that allow for customizable adjustments, maximizing comfort and creating strategic openings for improved air circulation. These straps also provide enhanced support and effectively prevent overheating and unwanted tan lines.

2. Blocking Technology

This bikini set boasts a UPF 50+ rating, providing 98% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is perfect for sunbathing without worrying about tan lines or skin damage.

3. Superior Breathability & Quick-Dry Performance

Constructed using lightweight, moisture-wicking materials, this bikini dries quickly and ensures a refreshing, comfortable experience even after prolonged sun exposure. The breathable fabric encourages airflow, reducing heat and sweat accumulation.

4. Chic & Versatile Coverage Options

The convertible style of this bikini gives you the option to wear it in multiple configurations - traditional, trendy off-shoulder, or with coordinating sarongs or cover-ups for a versatile look. Perfect for any beach outing, you can tailor your ensemble to match your personal style or the occasion at hand.

5. Durable Construction & Secure Fit

The durable double-stitched seams, along with the stretchy fabric that conforms to your curves without slipping or sagging, make this bikini perfect for any aquatic activity or relaxed tanning session. Plus, the bikini top has removable padding for adjustable support and shape retention, giving you added confidence.

Experience The Perfect Tan

Enhance your tanning experience with our one-of-a-kind Swimsuit design that efficiently tans the abdominal and back regions.

This swimsuit ensures an absence of tan lines, making it the ideal option for your sun-soaked outings to the shore.

Elevate your beach days with Qikini swimwear, where fashion meets advancement for the ultimate tanning solution. Get yours today and revolutionize your sunbathing experience!

How Tan-Through Bikini Work?

Experience a perfect tan with our revolutionary "microtan" technology. The fabric's micro holes allow sun rays to gently reach your skin, reducing harsh tan lines and providing an all-around golden tan. Our carefully designed balance ensures optimal light penetration while providing ample coverage.

Why Choose Qikini?

Qikini bikini's fabric is uniquely developed to allow for sunlight to pass through its micro perforations, resulting in an even, golden tan.

Our Qikini bikinis were thoughtfully designed to be lightweight, breathable, and flattering for all women. After 1 year of dedicated development, we are confident that they will provide a perfect fit and comfortable feel for every wearer.

Qikini bikinis offer a faster drying time compared to regular swimwear, up to 7 times faster. This eliminates the discomfort of wearing a wet bikini, which can lead to UTIs. While unlined, the material is not see-through when worn.

Wear and Care + Tricks and Tips

+ Before washing, use cold water to remove any excess pigment from the fabric.

+ To maximize tanning effectiveness and minimize tan lines, it is recommended to apply a 15 SPF sunscreen to exposed skin for optimal skin protection.

+ To ensure modesty, we suggest opting for high-quality Peel-N-Stick pasties, specifically well-known brands like Nippies or Go Nipless.


Frequently asked questions about Qikini tan through products.

Do I Need Sun Protection When Wearing Tan Through Products?

Ensure proper sun protection when using Qikini tan through products by applying a suitable sun cream with UVA & UVB protection.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Tan?

Accurately estimating a timeframe for results can be difficult due to individual factors such as skin type, melanin production, genetics, sun intensity, and duration of sun exposure. For optimal results, consistently wearing the Revyl & Rav bikini over an extended period is recommended.

Are The Bikinis Double Lined?

The bottoms of our bikinis contain lining in key areas, while the rest of the bikini is single-lined to allow for a tan-through effect.

Is The Fabric Comfortable To Wear?

The fabric is incredibly soft and smooth, making it perfect for breathability. Additionally, there are thousands of microholes that enhance air flow, setting it apart from standard bikinis.

Can I Get My Bikini Wet?

The fabric of this product has been thoroughly tested in chlorine and saltwater to ensure it remains unaffected. To maintain its longevity and prevent quick fading, it is important to rinse the bikini after use. This information is provided by a product expert to inform and educate potential buyers. Remember, using scientific and objective language is key to providing accurate and helpful information.

Will I Tan Through The Straps Of My Swimwear?

Consider rotating your double-lined straps to evenly distribute the tanning process. Periodically adjusting your straps will help prevent the appearance of tan lines.

Do The Tops Have Padding?

No, as it would disrupt the tan-through process.