Tan Through


Qikini Microtan fabric is a premium tan-through bikini designed with advanced technology to maintain a comfortable, flexible, and flattering fit. It effectively blocks most UV-B rays while allowing for a gradual tanning process with UV-A rays.

The straps are double lined and may not absorb as much sunlight as the rest of the bikini. Customers should be aware that there may be some lines and sheerness present. Please note that we cannot guarantee a 100% tan-through experience since the fabric is still being worn.

Wearing this unique fabric is parallel to wearing SPF 8 – 15

How does Qikini tan-through bikini work?

Qikini swimwear is designed with a micro-perforated mesh consisting of a unique blend of polyester and lycra yarn. This innovative combination allows for increased exposure to the sun's rays compared to traditional swimwear, resulting in an even tan and reduced tan lines. Additionally, the lightweight and breathable fabric dries quickly for added comfort.

Our fabric was deemed suitable by the Hohenstein Institute, a member of the "International Test Association for Applied UV Protection". Through a specific method, we were able to accurately determine the UV protection factor according to AS / NZS 4399: 1996.

Why Tan-Through?

Our swimwear fabric has been designed to allow multiple natural wavelengths of sunlight to pass through, thanks to the thousands of pores in our material.

Our swimsuits do not advertise a "no tan lines" effect, as this is not possible unless one is completely naked. Instead, we offer tan-through swimwear, providing the closest experience to nudity without revealing too much.

Our company Qikini promotes the health benefits of the sun and its various wavelengths of light throughout the day. Scientifically speaking, all spectrums of light can have positive effects if enjoyed in moderation. Our swimsuits are designed to be worn at any time of day, but we always advise our customers to avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

Utilizing the full range of wavelengths from the sun can provide various healing properties without any significant side effects when used correctly.

Red light therapy is a popular healing health method that utilizes only 650nm and 850nm wavelengths to provide beneficial properties to our cells. For maximum benefits, direct exposure of the desired healing area to red light from the sun is necessary. These specific wavelengths can effectively penetrate deep into the skin and muscles. Our specially designed swimsuit allows for direct exposure of the breast and genital areas to these natural frequencies. To optimize your red light exposure, we recommend wearing the swimsuit from sunrise to 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to sunset, as these are the peak hours for red light (650nm) from the sun.

Our mission at Qikini is simple: create trendy, affordable swimwear that allows full body penetration of the sun’s beneficial rays.

**Please note that our swimsuits are designed with an illusion effect to ensure your modesty. Through the use of carefully crafted patterns, we are able to create a fabric that obscures visibility. However, due to pixelation in photographs, the appearance of the swimsuit may differ from its actual appearance. Keep in mind that the level of transparency may be more pronounced in pictures than in person. Our swimsuits feature a sheer mesh material, and various factors such as lighting and nipple color can affect its level of transparency.

Some benefits CAN include, but are not limited to or guaranteed:

  • Increase surface area for vitamin D to be synthesized
  • Improved circadian rhythm
  • Increased energy
  • Increased libido
  • Increased blood flow
  • Promote anti-proliferative activities
  • Stimulate more ATP production within your mitochondria
  • Stimulate accelerated wound healing

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Four Advantages of Tan Through Bikini

QUICK DRYING / Our fabric's porosity greatly reduces water retention, resulting in a rapid drying process. No longer will you have to wait hours for it to dry.

ULTRA LIGHT / Our lightweight, tan-through fabric mesh allows for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Its unique properties make it the perfect choice for feeling comfortable all day long.

TAN THROUGH / This specially designed and certified tan-through fabric acts as a selective filter for sun rays, resulting in a more even and healthy tan. With an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 7, it provides optimal protection.

HIGHLY BREATHABLE / Our tan-through fabric not only enhances sunlight transmission, but also improves air flow, allowing your skin to breathe freely and providing a refreshing feeling.

say no to strong tan lines

Our fabric allows for increased passage of sun rays, eliminating the common tan lines caused by exposure to the sun, while traditional lycra completely blocks them.

When utilizing Qikini tan-through swimwear to filter sun rays, a UPF of 7 is provided for protection. This product has a similar effect to suntan oil but with a lower sun protection factor.

Upon initial use, the skin beneath the fabric may appear slightly pink, indicating the start of the tanning process. With continued use, the skin will gradually darken and achieve a beautiful golden brown hue, as long as the exposure time is carefully monitored.

Folds, Seams and elastics – Minimization of elements that interfere with the transmission of sun rays was prioritized to achieve the most effective result possible.

How to achieve the best results?

Qikini swimwear aims to merge the natural concept of tanning with conscious sun exposure. To ensure optimal results, it is crucial to strictly follow our guidelines * :

- Red-haired, blonde and light-colored people skin should use a higher SPF sunscreen;

- Proper sun exposure requires patience and caution, gradually increasing exposure time and avoiding peak hours during initial days;

- For optimal protection, apply sunscreen before sun exposure, reapply during prolonged sun exposure, and always after bathing; - Avoid sunburn;

- Our products are designed to protect against sun exposure. Due to the direct exposure to the sun, it is vital to ensure that all exposed skin is equally protected. Our tan-through fabric offers an SPF of 10, ensuring effective protection when properly applied to the entire skin. Uniformity in application leads to optimal results;

- Ensure proper hydration for your body and skin, while also maintaining organic balance by consuming enough fluids;

* Proper adherence to our instructions is vital as the effectiveness of your Qikini swimwear hinges upon them. Please be aware that every skin type has a unique reaction to sun exposure, making it impossible to forecast or manipulate the body's natural response.

Excellent To Wear And Perfect For Traveling

Do you struggle with uncomfortable swimsuits that limit your movements or make you feel uncomfortably hot?

Experience the ultimate comfort with our Qikini bikini. Made with elastic and lightweight mesh, it feels like a second skin, allowing you to fully enjoy your time in the sun.

If you are someone who dislikes diving because of getting wet during trips, our Qikini bikini eliminates that issue. Our products undergo a 2-minute transformation from wet to dry when exposed to sunlight. In just 5 minutes, they are completely dry.

FAQs About Tan Through

How fast can you get tan lines through the suit?

The speed at which one can tan through a bathing suit varies based on their skin's melanin levels.

Achieving the perfect tan through a bathing suit requires a personalized approach, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, by conducting a small experiment, you can determine the ideal combination of factors for your tanning schedule.

Do the tops have padding?

Tan-through swimsuit tops are designed to allow the sun to penetrate the fabric and tan the skin beneath. While many styles do not have padding, some manufacturers do offer padded versions for those who prefer additional support. Overall, these swimsuit tops provide great coverage and can be worn with or without a bikini top underneath.

Does tan through bathing suits work?

Additional instructions may be provided by the merchant to ensure that you are able to fully experience the benefits of our product. It is recommended to follow these instructions closely in order to achieve the best results. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

How does tan through bathing suit work?

The product is constructed with specialized materials that allow the sun's rays to easily pass through your clothing and reach your skin. With millions of micro-pores, this tank top offers maximum breathability and comfort, providing the sensation of not wearing anything at all.

Is tan-through swimwear comfortable?

Discover the comfort and fashion of tan through swimwear. Designed with a lightweight version of traditional swimwear, it's like a second skin. The increased thread width results in a super stiff garment, allowing you to engage in activities like yoga without needing to wear a swimsuit.

Does the material dry quickly?

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Is tan in swimwear dangerous?

Wearing swimsuits and applying sunscreen or SPF lotion can effectively protect your skin from harmful sun damage. It is important to ensure that you have enough sunscreen to prevent any potential burns. As an industry expert, I highly recommend taking proper precautions to keep yourself safe in the sun.

Do they machine washable?

As an industry expert, I highly recommend taking proper care of your tan through swimsuit to ensure its longevity. Our swimsuits are fully machine washable and can be dried on a low setting, but we suggest washing them before initial use. For maximum sustainability, cold water wash and air drying are advised.

Are tan-through suits durable?

Potential issues have been raised regarding the durability of these suits. This is due to the thinner material used in tan-through suits compared to traditional swimwear fabrics, which can make them more prone to tearing and damage. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the fabric color to fade over time. However, for those looking to safely soak up some sun, tan-through suits can still be a suitable choice.

Can you see through the suits?

Achieve the perfect tan without worrying about harmful UV rays with tan through bathing suits. Designed to be opaque, the material allows for an even tan without exposing your skin to the sun's rays. And don't worry, you won't be able to see through the suits. So why not head to the pool and enjoy the sunny day?

Do I need to wear sunblock still?

MicroTan is made of a unique tan-through material that allows for sun ray penetration and promotes a natural tan. It is important to use caution when using this product, as direct exposure to UV rays can cause severe damage. This is especially true for areas of the body that are not normally exposed to the sun. To ensure optimal protection, apply sunscreen to the face and any areas not covered by swimwear. With MicroTan, you can achieve a flawless and evenly tanned complexion without risking sunburns or other skin ailments.

Can you wear them for water sports?

Some competitive swimmers are seeking ways to gain a competitive edge by improving their time. Tan-thru swimsuits have become a popular choice for this purpose, as they offer benefits such as a lightweight, quick-drying fabric and excellent support. Though not a guaranteed advantage for all swimmers, these suits can still be useful in enhancing performance.

Are there any health benefits?

Tanning in a swimsuit provides numerous benefits, including an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and receive a healthy amount of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a critical role in promoting strong teeth and bones.

This product can assist in the metabolism of various essential minerals, promoting overall immunity and supporting bodily functions like mood regulation and muscle strength.

Consider consulting a healthcare professional if symptoms such as kidney stones or weak-bones pain persist, as they may be related to a vitamin D deficiency. Increased exposure to sunlight can also provide potential relief.