Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Tan Through Bikini Work?

This bikini has a special fabric that lets sunlight pass through, allowing you to tan without tan lines.

Do I Need Sun Protection When Wearing Tan Through Products?

Ensure proper sun protection when using Qikini tan through products by applying a suitable sun cream with UVA & UVB protection.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Tan?

Accurately estimating a timeframe for results can be difficult due to individual factors such as skin type, melanin production, genetics, sun intensity, and duration of sun exposure. For optimal results, consistently wearing the Revyl & Rav bikini over an extended period is recommended.

Are The Bikinis Double Lined?

The bottoms of our bikinis contain lining in key areas, while the rest of the bikini is single-lined to allow for a tan-through effect.

Is The Fabric Comfortable To Wear?

The fabric is incredibly soft and smooth, making it perfect for breathability. Additionally, there are thousands of microholes that enhance air flow, setting it apart from standard bikinis.

Can I Get My Bikini Wet?

The fabric of this product has been thoroughly tested in chlorine and saltwater to ensure it remains unaffected. To maintain its longevity and prevent quick fading, it is important to rinse the bikini after use. This information is provided by a product expert to inform and educate potential buyers. Remember, using scientific and objective language is key to providing accurate and helpful information.

Will I Tan Through The Straps Of My Swimwear?

Consider rotating your double-lined straps to evenly distribute the tanning process. Periodically adjusting your straps will help prevent the appearance of tan lines.

Do The Tops Have Padding?

No, as it would disrupt the tan-through process.

Do I Need To Take Special Care When Laundering My Tan Through Swimwear?

The garment can be washed by hand or machine at temperatures up to 30°C, and can also be tumble dried without causing harm to the fabric. However, it is recommended to air dry the swimwear for best results. No special care is needed.

Can I Swim In The Sea Or Pool In My Tan Through Swimwear?

Yes, absolutely, the fabric is not affected by sea water or the chemicals present in swimming pools, as with all swimwear we recommend it is rinsed through after use. However continuous or repeated exposure to chlorinated water (eg swimming pools) may effect the lining within our tan through garments.

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes! Qikini products can be enjoyed all over the world.

How Fast Is Shipping?

Our diligent fulfillment team will process all orders within 48-72 hours with great attention to detail.

Shipping times may vary depending on your location and typically range from 7-15 business days.

For any inquiries or issues regarding your shipment, we recommend contacting our customer service team for assistance.

What's Your Return Policy?

Our products come with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. You can receive a full refund for your order if you're not satisfied (no questions asked).