What Is A Tan Through Bikini?

What Is A Tan Through Bikini?

This bikini, made with Qikini fabric, is designed to be both soft and stretchy while also providing high-end UV protection. Through scientific development, this bikini blocks UV-B rays and allows tanning UV-A rays to pass through.

The straps of this bikini are double layered and have a lower absorption rate compared to the rest of the fabric. Minor lines and sheerness may occur, but we cannot guarantee a 100% tan-through experience due to the nature of the fabric.

This exceptional fabric provides SPF 8 – 15 protection, making it comparable to wearing sunscreen.

Moreover, our exclusive tan through bikini utilizes innovative fabric technology to facilitate a full body sun tan and reduce tan lines by permitting the sun's UV tanning rays to penetrate the swimwear material.

In addition, this product helps optimize the wearer's Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining strong, healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

This Tan Through fabric has been meticulously designed, detailed, and engineered over a span of 12 months to provide the ultimate sun-permeable material.

Our swimwear has been revolutionized to provide optimal softness, comfort, and vibrancy through the process of stitching and sewing. No matter who wears it, our swimwear offers a perfect fit and feel every time.


Our tan-through swimsuits boast up to 150,000 micro-holes, allowing for faster drying than conventional swimwear. This innovative design feature is just one of the many benefits of our swimwear.


  • Aids in a healthy libido and balanced sexual energy
  • Increases creativity and creative output
  • It regulates the circadian rhythm and promotes deeper sleep
  • Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is necessary for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Better focus and mental stimulation



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What Is A Tan Through Bikini?