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Why Choose Qikini Tan Thru Swimwear

Our innovative No-tan technology features an advanced fabric that effectively filters out harmful UV-A rays, allowing you to achieve a natural tan while simultaneously providing protection for your skin. This cutting-edge solution ensures a well-balanced and mark-free tan experience. Our tan thru swimwear is the epitome of elegance and finesse, elevating its purpose from being only beachwear to making a bold fashion and wellness statement. Explore the fusion of beauty, comfort, and protection in our designs that will transform your summer.

Experience a full body tan and turn heads with Qikini's tan thru bikini. This sheer and sexy bathing suit is perfect for bringing a piece of the tropical isle to your own home. It features double sheer lining on the front bottom, and only there. For the sophisticated and self-assured woman, this sheer swimsuit is a guaranteed hit. The mesh fabric offers no sunscreen protection. You can achieve a perfect fit with the classic black fabric and Neon Lime strings. The bottoms are fully lined in the front and sheer in the back, and you can choose between Thong or Rio styles, or order both.

How Tan Thru Swimwear Work?

Discover luxurious sun-wear with our MicroTan fabric, designed to provide an elegant and even tan while in use.

Utilizing state-of-the-art "microtan" technology, sunlight penetrates through tiny holes in the material, resulting in a uniformly bronzed complexion while preventing unsightly tan lines.

The fabric provides both softness and stretch, effectively filtering out most UV-B rays while still allowing tanning UV-A rays. With double-lined straps to reduce ray absorption, a perfect balance between luxury and practicality is achieved.

While there may be some instances of lines and sheerness, wearing this fabric is comparable to using SPF 8-15 for a fashionable sunbathing session.

Tan Thru Light Transmission Swimwear

This swimsuit has the unique ability to tan through skin due to its transparent material, resulting in a sun-kissed appearance without any visible outlines of the swimsuit. It is a perfect option for those who want to achieve a natural and even tan without revealing their skin.

Our Tan-Through Swimwear is crafted with MicroTan Fabric, a high quality and unique material that allows the natural process of tanning to occur just as quickly as wearing a medium level SPF sunscreen. This lightweight fabric allows sunlight to penetrate, removing the need for messy oils and lotions.

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Faqs about tanning.

Is the fabric see-through?

Our bikinis are designed without lining or padding to allow for maximum exposure to the sun's rays. The fabric has been thoroughly tested for opacity both when dry and wet, ensuring that it is not see-through. However, certain breast types may be more visible than others. For a more modest look, we suggest sizing up, though this may affect the level of sun penetration through the micro perforations.

How long does it take to tan evenly?

The tanning process is influenced by various factors, such as sunlight intensity (also known as UV index), altitude, genetics, and skin type. Due to this, tanning is a highly personalized experience. For optimal results, we recommend wearing Qikini swimwear for an extended period of time.

Should I wear sunscreen under the bikini?

The use of sunscreen is highly recommended to protect your skin from sunburns, covering your entire body for maximum safety.

Will I be able to tan in the areas where I haven't tanned with a regular bikini?

Areas of your skin that have never been exposed to the sun may not tan in the same way as skin that has been previously exposed.

Differences in pigmentation and higher sensitivity levels may be present in these areas.

Based on expert recommendations, it is advised to apply an additional layer of sunscreen to these areas to prevent any potential burning.

Additionally, you may experience a slower tanning process in these specific areas.

Can I use Qikini Swimwear in water sports and other activities?

Of course! Our swimwear is very long-lasting and fits perfectly onto any body shape. Therefore, you can use it as you would any regular bikini. It has been tested in salt water and chlorine to ensure fabric durability.

Do the bikini straps inhibit the tanning process?

Our straps are made to be very thin so as to ensure an even tan. Normally, they do not interfere with the tanning process as they are made from the exact tan-through fabric as the rest of the bikini. However, we do recommend moving them around them from time to time for even better results.